Life at HTI

HTI has extensive permanent staffed offices and showrooms in the UK & Hong Kong, employing a total of 200 people worldwide.

Loyalty – 5 and 10 Year Clubs

The company has a high staff retention rate with less than 5% staff turnover over the last 12 months. In fact, an incredible 70% of all HTI personnel have been with the company for 5 years or more. To reward employees for continued loyalty to the company, staff members that have achieved over 5 and 10 years of service are invited annually to join the company’s ‘5 and 10 Year Clubs’ which entail an all expenses day out at the races!

Company Updates for all Employees

Company Updates are held monthly at which all employees are kept up to date on company activities, successes, trade shows attended, sales performance against targets and social events by way of an informal presentation from John Hutt, CEO. A company Suggestion Scheme encourages all employees to make suggestions as to improvements or initiatives in all areas of the business, to the benefit of the company and its employees. All suggestions are reviewed by the Operations Team on a monthly basis and the employees responsible for those that are selected for implementation are announced and awarded with monetary prizes at the Company Updates.

Company Bonus Scheme

All employees are included in a company performance related bonus scheme.


HTI continues to grow investment in training and development opportunities for all members of personnel including supervisory courses, IT software training and Health & Safety programmes.

Social Events

Regular social events are held for HTI employees throughout the year such as Charity Race Nights, Quiz Nights, Bingo and Cinema Screenings.