Product Of The Month


From the beginning, HTI’s bubbles bottles have all been 100% recyclable and they are made from 100% recycled material here in the UK. We are now actively pursuing working with universities and innovators to look at alternative sustainable materials, that are easily recycled by the consumer, always ensuring there is a balance between functionality and recyclability.

 The impact of manufacturing on the environment is of ever-increasing concern among consumers. 2020’s opening of the British manufacturing facilities for Bubblz products, marked a significant point in our efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Onshoring a bubbles factory in Lancashire was a hugely positive move in terms of sustainability. In 2023 we will be extending our UK production of Bubblz products, by expanding their portfolio of environmentally friendly UK made products, increasing our green credentials, and providing added value to the consumer.

The combination of 100% recyclable products and bringing the bubbles factory to the UK, is the beginning of a long-term commitment to become a greener toy company. The news to move to purpose built, new premises in the next two years also plays a significant part in reducing the companies impact on our environment. In the planning and designing of the building’s energy requirements, using exclusively renewable sources for their power supply was a key focus. These state-of the-art new headquarters will be fully self-contained, guaranteeing a zero-carbon building for the future.

It’s exciting times for us all at HTI and the Bubblz brand. As well as innovative and increased manufacturing, new lines and licenses have been added to the range. The Bubblz brand has created licensed products for top pre-school TV shows, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Hey Duggee for several seasons, and can now include Bluey and Baby Shark within that portfolio.

Bubblz products provide the ultimate solution as the one stop shop for this all-year-round classic toy. The range of wands, machines, flurries, and mowers are all that’s needed to turn a home or garden into the ultimate bubble fun zone.