The company has donated a truck load of toys for the children of Ukraine, which have been sent to Chelm, Poland to the HELP UKRAINE centre.

We worked with LGL Worldwide Logistics based in Manchester and volunteers at HELP UKRAINE to arrange the shipment of toys. LGL freight company also provided their services free of charge. The truck of toys left our warehouses on Friday 8th April and arrived in Poland on Tuesday 12th April, where they will be distributed according to needs across regions of Ukraine.

In addition, a significant amount of cash funds has been donated to one of our toy distributors located in Dnipro, Ukraine, the city where the airport has been completed destroyed by Russian bombings. The distributor will be using the funds to help with a children’s shelter.

“We are fortunate to work in an industry which brings joy to children, and we could not stand back and allow a humanitarian crisis to unfold without us helping.
“We are a Global organisation and that allows us to have contacts throughout the world. We hope that this donation of toys and funds will help the people of Ukraine and we hope that there is peace very soon.”
Mike Butterworth, Divisional Director
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  1. Mervi
    Mervi says:

    How To Help Ukraine?
    Due to the unforeseen war situation, people in Ukraine are highly in distress right now. All the people in Ukraine, including Ukrainians and foreigners residing in Ukraine, are currently facing many issues related to food, supplies, transportation and housing. People seek refugees, and the loss in their regular life has made them meet many challenges.
    By following a few simple steps, you can support Ukraine and contribute to the people in need. Donate to Ukraine and help them financially to make things better and give them the strength they require. Find out how you contribute through a fundraiser and what differences you can make:

    Food And Clothes
    Many people have left their homes to survive. Among the terrible crisis of the Russia Ukraine war, basic needs such as food and clothes have become a challenge for people. Help Ukrainians and the people residing in Ukraine to get food and clothes through fundraising.
    Read More


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